Enhancing Prose Through Format: The Shape of Plain Language on February 13, 2017


Plain Language doesn’t mean boring language.

Learn how to embrace the lessons of the Plain Language Movement and write with clarity and concision without reducing your prose to a pile of dust. Explore how understanding audience and style can affect how you use the tools of plain language in your professional and personal writing.  

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Enhancing Prose through Format: The Shape of Plain Language

Plain Language is more than just the words you choose.

The shape of your language can be as important as the words you choose. Learn how to enhance your written prose by looking at the format in which it is presented and how graphics, images, and supplements can add clarity. 

Join Third Verb for this intensive three-hour workshop and master the art of writing in plain language.

Date: February 13, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Location: Union Bank Inn (10053 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta)
*Leading up to the workshop date, you will receive an email providing you with complete event details.

This workshop includes:

  • three hours of in-class writing instruction from a plain language expert
  • in-class writing exercises
  • an opportunity to meet other writers
  • a well-stuffed swag bag.

Third Verb is proud to present Annette Wierstra as the instructor for Third Verb’s February Enhancing Prose through Format: The Shape of Plain Language workshop.


Annette Wierstra is has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years starting in journalism and website content and moving into technical and business communication. She enjoys taking complex content and distilling it into plain language that suits the intended audience. In 2008, Annette started Scriptorium Professional Writing Services with a partner. She has also been teaching research, technical writing, and short prose at Grant MacEwan University since 2008. Annette has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing, and a Masters of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication.aaa aaa



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