Learn from Diana Davidson, Author of Pilgrimage, How to Create Compelling Characters

Learn from Diana Davidson, Author of Pilgrimage, How to Create Compelling Characters

On March 16, join Third Verb and author Diana Davidson at Union Bank Inn for a three-hour intensive character workshop.

Diana Davidson is the author of Pilgrimage, a historical novel that opens and closes in the family home of Mahkesîs Cardinal (one of its central characters). This home is situated on the Metis Settlement of Lac St. Anne—a place local readers may be familiar with. Against the sharp northern landscape in the dead of winter, we are introduced to characters that will undergo individual journeys—pilgrimages—that are so much more than just physical.

For instance, we come to know Mahkesîs and her brother Gabriel (as well as those they love). The pilgrimages both Mahkesîs and her brother experience take each of them far away from the family home, off the settlement, and deep into their interior selves.

Across the pages of this novel, we learn of the historical context—the HBC and its colonial figures intersecting with, and altering, the way of life at Lac St. Anne. This character-driven novel captures complex identities at a time of often violent historical change in a place itself that can be brutal at certain times of the year.

By the time you arrive at the end of the novel, and are back by the fireside in the Cardinal family home, you, too, will feel like you’ve undergone a journey. This is a novel to return to and for writers to study. 

On March 16, from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m., join Third Verb and learn from instructor Diana Davidson how to create believable characters. You’ll receive a copy of Pilgrimage to further study how to craft dimensional, memorable characters.

Specifically, the workshop will focus on:

  • How to find a point-of-view for a character
  • Writing authentic dialogue
  • Writing historical characters (real and fictional)
  • How to discern who is a narrator and who is a character in memoir and creative nonfiction pieces
  • Strategies for working on a piece with multiple characters and voices
  • Fleshing out static and supporting characters
  • How to “show” character rather than “tell” 
  • Revising to create strong characters


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